Beiser Field Station

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Beiser Field Station


The Barbara A. Beiser  Field Station is named for Barbara Beiser, Valedictorian of the Marietta College class of 1949.  The field station occupies 2000 feet of riverbank on the Little Muskingum River about 5 miles east of the college campus.  The approximately 77 acre site has a variety of terrestrial habitats including mature deciduous forest, successional forest and old fields on a landscape that ranges from flat river terraces to steep forested slopes with rock outcrops.  A number of wetlands including seeps, springs, streams and small floodplain ponds are also present.

The station is used for a number of purposes.  Classes such as Flowering Plants, Field Biology Techniques, Lower Plants, and Zoology all use the site.  Special field trips are arranged for bird watching, visits to the ponds during the salamander and frog breeding seasons and spring wildflower viewing, to name just a few. 

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