Rickey Science Center

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In the spring of 2003 the Biology, Chemistry, Math and Computer Science, Physics and Environmental Science programs began to move into the newly constructed Rickey addition to the Selby Science Center. Previously, the biology department was located in the Bartlett Biology Building, which was 1/2 of the Selby Science Center. The Biology Department now has 4 new labs on the 2nd floor of the Rickey Science Center - Anatomy, Microbiology, Cell Biology and a student-faculty research lab. All of these labs have state-of-the-art computer networks, audio-visual capabilities and ventilation systems. In addition, the department also has 4 general-purpose labs on the second floor of Bartlett, a botany suite on the third floor, and animal and storage rooms in the basement of both Bartlett and Rickey, plus a rooftop greenhouse on Bartlett.  There is also a laptop lab/student reading room where students can relax, recharge their laptops and connect via wired or wireless networks, and study.  The reading room also has a small group room and complete audio-visual capabilities. 

The greenhouse holds plants for demonstrations, supports student-faculty research, and is used by students in a variety of classes whenever it is necessary to grow plants. The facility is located on the roof of the Rickey Science Center and has a sweeping view of Marietta and the Ohio River Valley. There are three rooms - a tropical room, a large central bay for general use, and a desert room.

Arrangements to tour the greenhouse can be made by contacting the departmental secretary at 740-376-4750.  More on the greenhouse can be found here.



In the fall of 2007, we added the Barbara A. Beiser Field Station, a 77-acre property 7 miles/15 minutes from campus along the Little Muskingum River..



Together, the 3 buildings of the Rickey Science Center complex (Selby, Bartlett and the Rickey addition) house the Department of Biology and Environmental Science, Physics, Math and Computer Science, and Chemistry.  The balcony in the picture to the left is on the second floor, adjacent to the biology labs.  We wanted a drawbridge, but they wouldn't give us one...


The central hall in the second floor of the Rickey addition.  The anatomy, microbiology, cell biology (molecular biology) and student research labs open off the central atrium. 

This is the second floor lounge, used to relax between classes, to meet with study groups, or for other social events.  A second, smaller lounge is immediately adjacent to the balcony pictured to the left.



The microbiology lab (left) has room for 24 students.  Each student has an advanced compound microscope and all the materials needed to culture microorganisms.  The lab has a hood, a dedicated refrigerator, incubators and a complete A/V system allowing the students to see whatever is on the instructor's microscope.  The adjacent prep room has an autoclave, a biological safety cabinet, a small darkroom, and other ancillary equipment.