2009 Capstones

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2009 Capstones


490 Posters 2009

Jordan Beadling 



Melissa Browne



Brandon Crane



Jesse Daubert



Keira Hambrick



Travis Kraker



AnaRosa Stender



Aleah Telek



Marcie Turner





Left: Senior Brandon Crane presents the results of his senior research capstone.  Brandon looked for (and found) antibiotic-producing bacteria in soil samples taken from Florida to Alaska.
  Senior capstones ran for an entire week , with 4 or 5 presenters each evening/afternoon.



Monday: Bonnie Smith, Keira Hambrick, Aaron Munching and Courtney Kuharik.



Tuesday: Daniel Holloway, AnaRosa Stender, Travis Kraker and Aleah Telek.


Wednesday: Marcie Turner, Meghan Endsley, Christa Schott, Craig Ripski and Jordan Beadling.


Thursday: Emily Tolley, Jeremiah Rockhold, Deb Dreyer and Rob Williamson.


Friday: Melissa Browne, Tommy Daniel, Brandon Crane and Jesse Daubert.