First Spring 2012 Work Day at the Beiser Field Station

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Although it was a cold day, a group of 7 students, 2 faculty members and one dog spent the afternoon of February 12th, 2012, at the Barbara A. Beiser Field Station.  Volunteer work days occur several times each semester and are gradually improving access and helping to control invasive species at the station, located 7 miles east of Marietta along the Little Muskingum River.  The work done on this day included invasive species control and trail clearing along the Hilltop Trail.  To start the work, the team had to walk more than 1 kilometer into the station, ascending about 100 meters above the Little Muskingum River.  From this furthest corner of the station, they cleared the Hilltop Trail, which is still mostly under development.  Earlier work days have included blazing, marking and clearing trails, picking up trash, planting trees (hundreds of paw-paw, American chestnut, sycamore, cottonwood and other trees have been planted), doing road repairs, and controlling invasive garlic mustard, multiflora rose and Japanese Honeysuckle.

Above:  The field crew for 2/12/2012.

Above: Winter view from Ralph's Roost, the highest point at the station, named for Ralph Voorhees, husband of Barbara Beiser and benefactor of the station.

Above:  Yuki approves of the companionship and the after work cookies.