Advising Bulletin - Spring 2015 for Fall 2015 registration.

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Please Note:  With Dr. Tschunko retiring our long-term schedule is in flux, so this page is very much subject to change!

There are several changes coming up that you need to be aware of when signing up for classes:  (NOTE: THIS PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

1.  For those of you who are planning to take anatomy (BIOL 212), the course now has a prerequisite: BIOL 131.  In future years, anatomy (BIOL 212) will be in the fall and physiology (BIOL 203) will be in the spring.  Also, cadaver anatomy (BIOL/SPTM 401) will be moved to the spring. Anatomy (BIOL 212) is a prerequisite for both physiology and cadaver anatomy. Both anatomy and physiology will be offered next fall.

2.  Microbiology (202) now has a pre-requisite of 131.  This will not be a problem for most Bio and HSCI majors, but others may want to pay attention to this and schedule 131 accordingly.

3.  Due to a slip-up in putting together the college catalog, a change to the biology minor that was approved several years ago has not made it into the catalog or the current degree audits.  Biology 133 is no longer required for the minor and we do not anticipate offering it in the near future. If you are a biology minor and have the requirement for 133 on your degree audit, virtually any biology course EXCEPT 301 (imaging) can be substituted.

4. Remember, if you are planning on a semester abroad, you do not want to take it the spring of the junior year.  All Biology and HSCI majors must be in Biology 380 the spring of their junior year.  The senior year is problematic for study abroad as well.

5.  Starting in fall of 2013, Cell Biology (309) will no longer have the W designation.  Zoology and Developmental Biology will retain the W designation.


Our planned course offerings for the next 3 years are shown below; these may change!