Graduation 2012

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 Graduation 2012 was held May 13th, 2012. 


The Commencement Speaker was Dr. Leonard M. (Randy) Randolph, Jr.  Dr. Randolph graduated from MC in 1965 with a degree in Biology.  He became a MD and went on to a 30-year career in the Air Force, retiring as a Major General and then going into the private sector.


I tried to get pictures of all our graduates, but most came out blurred, or with the graduate's face turned away.  This one sort of came out.  Monica Dimick received her diploma (actually the diploma cover) from Dr. Scott.


Jesse Daubert, MC Biology 2011, is adapting well to married life.  He is working locally for the Friends of Lower Muskingum River.


Jesse and Jenny Daubert.  Jenny graduated in 2011 as well; she will be entering PA school in the summer of 2012.


Chase Oberfield (2012) was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the USMC just before commencement.  Here, Dr. McShaffrey and Chase demonstrate that the Marine dress blues are way cooler than academic regalia.


Chase pictured here with Nikki Stone ('11).  Nikki and Chase both did their capstone projects focusing on dragonflies.  Nikki is working in Columbus as a lab technician.

Our other Chase (Erin Chase) and Derek Hennen at the Biology reception after commencement.


Monica Dimick and Derek Hennen.  Despite the best efforts of the faculty, we could not get these two to come out of their shells and show any enthusiasm for Biology over the past 4 years.  Monica will be off to PA school in the fall; Derek starts work shortly for Jesse Daubert at Friends of Lower Muskingum River as an AmeriCorps worker (Jesse has only been out for a year and he is getting a minion already!). 

Seriously, Monica and Derek shared the Eggleston-Ruby Prize at graduation; Derek also won the Delta Upsilon Good Citizenship Award and Monica the Beta Beta Beta Prize. Monica was Phi Beta Kappa and Derek scored curriculum honors.


Dr. Debbie Egolf and Hazel Brogdon.  Monica Dimick and Hazel are our last two Alaskans; Jane Crane better send us more!


Dr. Suzanne George and Carm Carver.


Dr. Almuth Tschunko and Erin Chase.


Dr. Tschunko, Erin Chase, Derek Hennen and Dr. Katy Lustofin.  Dr. Lustofin is checking to be sure Derek has enough cords to rappel from the Williamstown Bridge.  Sadly, her came up short and will have to settle for the Harmar Bridge.


Dr. Tschunko and Amber Vance. Amber was Phi Beta Kappa and a McDonough Scholar.


Amber is off to medical school in the fall!


Amber, Hazel and Derek share a cupcake from the periodic table.


Our Graduates:

Nicole Holstein - Environmental Studies/Political Science

Mike Pankowski - Environmental Studies

Kyle Shackle - Environmental Studies

Seth Barnett - Environmental Science

Hazel Brogdon - Biochemistry

Miranda (Carm) Carver - Biochemistry

Erin Chase - Biochemistry

Wade Christofferson - Biochemistry

Monica Dimick - Biology

Amanda Ellsworth - Biology and outdoor stuff

Gail Fitchett - Health Science

Derek Hennen - Biology and Spanish (in that order, thank you very much!)

Tracey Ice - Biology

Leslie Jaynes - Biology

Becca Leonard - Health Science

Chase Oberfield - Biology

Charlie Philpott - Health Science

Whitney Putillion - Biology

Liz Robbe - Environmental Science

Cherokee Rogers - Health Science

Casey Smith - Biology

Jaime Taylor - Environmental Science

Kathryn Tokar - Biochemistry

Amber Vance - Biochemistry

Will Vance - Physics.  Honorary Biologist

Taylor Vaughn - Health Science

Daniel Warren - Biochemistry/Applied Physics

Robert Waters - Biochemistry

Eddie Weekley - Environmental Science

Loren West - Biology

Christine Widgren - Biology

Daniel Wiener - Health Science

Phi Beta Kappa:

Monica Dimick   -   Whitney Putillion   -   Casey Smith   -   Amber Vance  

Capstone Awards:

Amber Vance (Biochemistry)   -    Monica Dimick (Biology)    -   Gail Fitchett (Health Science)   -   Nicole Holstein and Mike Pankowski (Environmental Studies/Science)

Delta Upsilon Good Citizenship Award: Derek Hennen

Eggleston-Ruby Prize: Monica Dimick and Derek Hennen

Hobba Chemistry Prize - Hazel Brogdon

Congratulations to all our graduates!




The periodic table, in cupcakes, as envisioned by Erin Chase and Carm Carver.