Internship Presentations 2015

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Emma Strick did her internship as a naturalist in the Cleveland Metroparks

Students in Health Science and Biology will give presentations on their internships November 3rd, 2015  at 7:00 pm in Bartlett 166. 
The internship program is an important part of the Marietta experience.  Students in Health Science are expected to complete an internship, usually doing hands-on work with a practitioner in the student’s field of interest.  The internship allows the students to “try out” a career, see what different members of the health care team do, and perhaps refine their goals as to exactly where they see themselves on such a team.  Health Science students from Marietta have helped with physical therapy, taken patient medical histories, assisted with surgeries and performed other actual patient-care performers under the direction of their internship mentors.  Biology students have the option to do an internship or do a tutorship (helping out with labs and classes).  Environmental Studies and Environmental Science majors also are required to do internships.  In all majors the internship is usually done in the summer after the junior year, though it may be done at other times, even during the academic year.  In the semester following the internship, students give a presentation about their internships, and pass on tips and leads to younger students on what to look for in an internship and how to find them.
Emma Strick (pictured) worked as a summer naturalist at the Cleveland Metroparks for her internship.